Agricultural franchise

We create more revenues and values
through agricultural franchise business

Agriculture is disregarded in society due to low profitability and accessibility.
That is why Greenlabs helps anyone engaged in farming create
more revenue and value, and we focus on increasing the public’s
interest in agriculture to solve future food shortages.

We systematically provide everything necessary for farming
based on data and create a business that can create value through
farming in both rural and urban areas.

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Sinsun Hi

We develop new distribution methods
for agricultural products

Producers had few market opportunities due to limited information,
whereas buyers had to meet the producers one by one.

The Farm Morning Sinsun Hi serves as an online platform
for the B2B distribution of agricultural and livestock products
in the stagnant market.

With this, producers can create new system-based sales channels
and decide the optimal factory price. while buyers can build a
solution that will systematically handle the entire process, from
sourcing to purchasing and warehousing.

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Agricultural construction

We takes a leap as a construction
technology company, aiming to build
an ecosystem of connected farm

The existing agriculture and construction market focused on
the characteristics of Industry 2.0 with strong information asymmetry.

Greenlabs, however, is leading the digital transition of the market
and transformation into Industry 4.0 through cloud and AI-based
connected farm data solutions.

We build an ecosystem that connects all smart farms in rural and
urban areas, thus establishing a “construction data platform” that
offers comprehensive services, from quotation and design to order,
construction, and financing.

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Livestock industry

We pioneer a new way to realize
a better livestock industry

The livestock industry is drastically changing due to regulations and manpower shortage.
Now with data-based livestock management, anyone engaged in
the industry can increase productivity while lowering the cost and burden.

With Farm Morning Livestock services, you can immediately experience the
future dreamt by the livestock industry.

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Farm Morning Carbon

We solve climate change problem
through sustainable agriculture
  • Carbon Reduction
  • Connecting Sustainability & Profitability
  • Maximize Your Farm's Profit Potential

The most vulnerable sector to climate change is agriculture.
Intensifying abnormal weather damages agriculture and drives up social costs.

Greenlabs’ Farmmorning Carbon aims to achieve innovation
in carbon reduction in the farming and livestock sector and expand
its boundary beyond Korea to Asian market.

To achieve our goal to solve climate change, we are devoted to develop
various solutions to overcome the climate crisis.
Our solutions include issuing carbon offset credits in the agricultural
and fishery sector, distribution of carbon-reduced agricultural products,
and environmental impact assessment.

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