Global Trade of Agricultural Products

We lead digital transformation
in global trade, the oldest market

Address information asymmetry in the grain trade market
with Grain Scanner.

Based on accurate and fast market conditions and
competitive prices, we are trying to innovate value chains.

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Distribution of Agricultural Products

We develop new distribution methods
for agricultural products

Producers faced limited market opportunities due to insufficient information, while buyers had to engage with producers individually.

We are revolutionizing the B2B distribution of agricultural products, an industry that has remained unchanged for some time.

Through Farm Morning, we facilitate the seamless connection of food buyers with over nine hundred thousand farmers by effectively bridging various markets both online and offline.

Distribution of Agricultural Supplies

We aim to enhance cost-efficiency in agricultural production
by enabling seamless and cost-effective online distribution of agricultural materials,
which were previously limited to offline channels in rural regions

Farm Morning, as Korea’s premier farmers’ platform, offers comprehensive information on produce prices, reviews, product details, and nationwide popularity rankings.

Through Farm Morning’s comprehensive agricultural materials information services, farmers gain access to crucial data, enabling them to make informed decisions.
By utilizing the platform for distributing agricultural materials, unnecessary distribution margins and production costs can be minimized, leading to improved cost-efficiency in the agricultural sector.

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